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27 Dec 2013

How Confucius Did It

If you were like most people who always say, "I'll do charity when I have money", or "I'll take care of my house once I got a big one", then you are having this syndrome called Perfection.

Yes, perfection is an ideal but if you were to base your life on perfection, you'll never do it.  Like Confucius who lived in China 2,600 years ago, Confucius continued to teach even when his own country (Lu) was against him.  He was chased out of his own country and left wandering in 16 countries for 19 years but he never give up.

Today, Confucius' teachings has become the national culture of many countries like the 2 Koreas, Taiwan and many Chinese in Singapore, Malaysia and North America.

Because Confucius understood this important principle: there is never a perfect time to do anything.  As long as that thing you do is of importance to you and the society, now is the time to do it.  If you fear that you may do wrong, you can always correct it.  The only failure is the failure to participate. 

Yes, while you as the manager are teaching your people to work better, you yourself may be having some personal problems, this does not make you less of a teacher.  The message that you bring to your people is far more important you the messenger.

So my friend, now is the best time to do anything you want for this year 2013.  Don't make the same mistake again as in previous years by procrastinating.  Now is the time.

By Andy Ng, Chief Trainer at Asia Trainers, details here.   

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