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12 Dec 2013

The EASE Way to Handle the Most Freezing Moments

You see this all the time: the salesperson does his job well in the sales presentation.  The prospect too showed much interest in what he has.  Everything seems to be smooth, until the prospect said "No" and the salesperson simply freeze.  This is the Frozen moment.

Fret not, because an objection is not the end of the world.  Unknown to many, a sales objection is simply an indication that the prospect has interest in what you have. Otherwise, why would he want to object you?  It is also a sales negotiation process, and you need to win it over with tact.

The way to handle the sales objection is to take it easy, using our EASE method: Empathy, Ask Questions to clarify, Serve the Solution and Excite them of the rewards of going forward.
  1. Empathize with their objection and never argue with them. Empathize means that you feel what they are feeling now.  If they say it is expensive, you can say, "I understand how you feel, most people felt the same way too, until they discovered that they're really getting more value for their money".  
  2. Ask Questions to clarify the objections.  Then Quantify the amount and Identify the reason behind the objection.  You'll realize that the reason is easier to solve than what it seems!
  3. Serve the Solution - the easiest way is to Present the Objection as the Reason to Go Ahead.  Like when they say they have no time to go for training, I'll ask, "then you should go for training so that you can close more sales in less time!"
  4. Excite them of the Rewards of Going Forward - nothing beats the rewards, and show them the money. It sure close every sale every time.
By Andy Ng, Sales Trainer at Asia Trainers. The next course on Sales Negotiation Success is on 30 Dec 2013 Monday 2 to 5.30 pm.  Limited seats left, so click here to register. 

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