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11 Dec 2013

Adding Value to Your Customers Even if They Don't Buy

Following my blog on Add Value, Not Add Work, 2 friends messaged me at facebook asking me to elaborate how we can add value to customers even if they don't buy.  Well, we know that if people that don't buy today they may buy tomorrow, and our job in business is to create happy relationships with people.  Business will come if you can add value.  Just look at how Facebook, Twitter and Youtube created value for over 2.5 billion people and you'll know what I mean.

The following are the Top 6 Ways You Can Add Value to Customers Even When They Don't Buy:
  1. Show them the Pros and Cons of Your Company's Products and Services.  Most salespeople shy away from showing people their weaknesses for fear that customers will not buy if they know that. The reverse is true: customers will trust a vendor more if they were to tell first-hand (without being asked) their weaknesses.  With trust, business will come.
  2. Show them How to Save Money.  Always start with the most value-for-money package that you have and show them how they can achieve savings from your bundling.  Like we have a bundle that saves 60% of the course fees (unbelievable but true, you can click here). 
  3. Show Concern for them.  This is the most obvious and who doesn't want people to show concern for them?
  4. Show them What They Stand to Gain if they Buy from You.  Show them the numbers because numbers don't lie and can be inspected easily.  For example, we show customers the actual rating from our attendees when they asked 'how good are your programs?'
  5. Show them What They Stand to Lose if they don't buy from You.  This will be the hot button that will make customers buy.  This is because people are more afraid of losing than gaining.  We will be fools if we don't know how to make use of this psychological behaviour.
  6. Give them Love. The 4 ways to give love are: Empathy, Care and Concern, Sympathetic Joy and Equanimity. Details of these will be revealed in our next blog, so remember to give us your email so that you receive our daily messages in your mail box.
By Andy Ng, Chief Trainer Coach at Asia Trainers, whose sales courses have now reached 12 countries including Japan, China, Australia and Maldives.  Click here for full course listing...


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