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18 Mar 2015

How to Win More Friends and Influence with How You Say

It is not what you say but how you say that matters.

Instead of saying, “Trust me”, say, “You can see from our past records that we mean what we say”

Never say, “This is already very low price”, say “We prefer to focus on value. Tell me, what kind of results you want to get?”

Instead of saying, “Vote for me, give me your order”, say, “Can I count on you to help me in this matter?”

Never say, “You have to get this product with that machine”, say, “The best thing to do is to get this product with that machine to get more results”

Instead of saying, “Price,” or “cost”, say, “Amount” or “Investment”

Never argue with people, always agree with their objection and see a common point that can link to your argument. Instead of defending your product’s weakness, mention how despite of this weakness, your product has helped more people to solve their real problems.

Finally, instead of saying, “I know”, say, “That’s interesting, tell me more about it”. You’ll definitely will win more friends and more sales!

The 7 rules of communicating are as follows:

  1. Never ague with people, instead see their point and link them to your point and fund a common ground
  2. Don't use words that may have negative meaning, like price and cost
  3. Never instruct people, requests instead
  4. Don't push people to do what you want, attract them to do what you want. Like saying "The best thing for you is to do this" 
  5. Listen, that is more important than talking
  6. Be specific: instead of making promises on the future, use your past track record
  7. If in doubt, just be mindful of what you do.  
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