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10 Mar 2015

Overcoming Top 10 Challenges Effortlessly

You as the manager must help your sales team overcome their challenges or they will be drown by them.  The top 10 common challenges in sales include:
  1. Prospect has just bought from your competitor 
  2. Your pricing is too high to be considered 
  3. Your people are not aggressive enough to close the sale 
  4. Prospect has no money 
  5. Prospect has no time and mood to take a look at what you have
  6. Your supply is a problem: how to look for new customers? 
  7. Other than pricing, your delivery lead time is too long, specifications unattractive and credit period too short 
  8. Your sales team lacks motivation 
  9. Prospect only look at price and sees no value 
  10. Why Bother? Either Resign or Resigned to fate!
Now these and other challenges are all overcome in our newest course: Cracking the Sales Code
  • Date: 29 April 2015 Wednesday 9 am to 5 pm
  • Venue: The Plaza 02-346, 7500A Beach Road (inside Parkroyal Hotel building)
  • Fee: $398 each, $299 each for 2 & above, $199 each for 5 & above (with 1 free seat)
  • Enquiries: Tel: 6225-1784 or email to 
  • Visit for course listing
Power-packed contents not covered previously:
1.     Why most salespeople are having problems in selling and what to do about it
·        Selling the impossible: 10 situations (your answers at the end of course)
2.     ‘Impossible’ means ‘I’m possible’ – exercise on how to cut wood with a piece of paper
·        How to Dominate, not Compete, in the market with a ‘Think Big’ mindset
3.   ACT's 5-Ways Leverage to Increase Sales by 61%
4.   Your Top 25 Strategies: Target Market, Prospecting, Conversion, Transactions and Sale Value
5.     Cracking the Sales Code: how do we ‘Sell Ice to the Eskimos’ with Needs and Wants and how to sell the benefits of your offering
6.     Problems with the Lone Wolf, Reactive Problem Solver, Relationship Builder and Hard Worker
7.     Challenger Sale Method: The Assertive Way to Sell that Takes Control of the Sale
·        The 3 Steps in the Challenger Sale: Teach, Tailor and Take Control
·        1st Step: Teaching for Differentiation: teach prospect to buy from by providing insights
·        2nd Step: Tailoring for Resonance: how to propose what decision-makers want
·        3rd Step: Take Control of the Sale - how to be Assertive to ask for the sale
8.   How to Build Insight-lead Conversations and Add Value to Prospect
9.     Tom Hopkins Ways to Ask ‘Yes’ Questions and the Question Funnel
10.     Overcoming Top 3 Objections: See No Need, See No Differentiation and No Hurry
11.     The 69 Ways to Turn Objections into Buying Reasons
12.  Get Famous with Your Weakness to Sell More
13.  The Ultimate: Win Without Fighting with Sun Tzu Art of War
Bonus 1: Asking for Price Increase
Bonus 2: Getting Past Stuck Sales

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