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16 Mar 2015

Boss Discipline: The Most Avoided Topic in the Workplace

Don't wish your job is easier, wish that you were better, so said Jim Rohn, the guru.  Indeed if the manager or boss is a better person, the team will perform better. 

Everyone talks about employee discipline, and everyone assumes that the boss is naturally disciplined and will do all the right things. I beg to differ.  Just look at the many cases of corruption committed by top level people in the civil service and corporate world and you'll know what I'm talking about. 

So today's let's look at Boss Discipline and the 5 precepts a boss should take.  These precepts are not rules set by anyone, they are code of conduct that protect the boss from unwanted consequences like high staff turnover, poor reputation and financial losses.  The 5 precepts are: 
  1. Abstain From Harming People. Harming people includes mental harm like giving people undue stress, anger, bad temper and taking away credit from employees.  
  2. Abstain From Taking What is Not Given.  By avoiding taking advantage of people (like get the hardworking staff to do all the work), the boss can prevent people from taking advantage of him too
  3. Abstain from False Speech such as lying, deceiving, over-promise and false accounting.  This is the best way to demonstrate integrity and honesty
  4. Abstain from Intoxicants, such as getting drunk and getting hooked on political games
  5. Abstain from Complacency.  A boss that thinks he is good and knows everything is causing the most harm to his organization.  In fact bosses should attend training more than his staff, that's why we have the following courses for bosses to attend. For a limited time until 2 April 2015, you can register for 3 courses by paying for two course fees, i.e. a 33% discount. The selected courses for bosses to attend include (details can be found by clicking on the last word of title):
  • How to Coach and Mentor Effectively - 12 May 2015 Tuesday 9 am to 5 pm
  • How to Be a Great Boss Forever -  6 May 2015 Wed 9 am to 12.30 pm
  • The Manager as Challenger (new) - 7 May 2015 Friday 2 to 5.30 pm
  • How to Be a Better Manager & Leader - 4 Mondays 2 to 5.30 pm on May 4, 11, 18 and 25
  • Successful Sales Management - 7 April 2015 Thursday 9 am to 5 pm
  • How to Be an Effective Manager and Leader - 15 April 2015 Wed 9 am to 5 pm
Your Key to be a High Performing Manager

Date:  7 May 2015 (Friday)          Time: 2 to 5.30 pm 

Venue : The Plaza 02-346 7500A Beach Rd   

Fee: $298 each, $199 each for 2 & above, $149 each for 4 & above, $199 each for 8 & above

Forget about the manager being a leader or change leader. A manager must be a challenger for him to be effective. Yet we see many managers afraid of challenges. The buck stops here. A manager is hired to tackle challenges, if not, why have him in the first place.

Firstly the manager must challenge himself, his team and his organization to do better. To challenge people, the manager does 3 Ts well: Teach, Take Control and Touch Hearts. 

Whether you are a new or experienced manager, come for this newest course taken from Damien Dixon best selling book "The Challenger"

Note: PIC 60% grant is available for this course. You can also use the Quarterly Training Credit (QTC) to offset 25% of the course fees. Call 6225-1784 for details
Power-packed Contents Include:
  1. Reason why most managers are not effective and what to do about it
  2. The Manager as Challenger: an old but forgotten concept
  3. The 3 Tools of a Challenger: Teach, Take Control and Touch Hearts
  4. How to Teach for Insights
  5. What to do when you counsel your team
  6. Five ways to Take Control of all Situations: Bigger Role, Delegate, Audit, Outcome Driven and Dominate all situations
  7. What to do when you are being challenged by your team?
  8. How to Set Targets that Challenges People Beyond
  9. The 10 Proven ways to Touch Hearts without Tears
  10. Using the Power of 5 Love Languages to communicate better
  11. The Samsung Way to Uplift 150,000 people overnight
  12. How Steve Jobs pushed people with Limitless concept
  13. The Ultimate of a Challenger: Realize our dreams

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