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9 Mar 2015

Letter to the Boss

Dear Boss,

This is the first time we are writing you a letter, not e-mail.  At the workplace, we only can talk about work issues and leave our feelings aside, so we guess this letter is the only place where we can put all our feelings without inhibition. 

You always say that we are not driven enough, and we always want more pay but work less.  This is of course true, but aren't the shareholders also always asking for more profits with lesser manpower?  As employees, we don't consider ourselves as very hard working or outstanding, otherwise we would have been promoted to director and be on top of you.  Anyway, we like you to know that we don't wish to have lesser work, we just wish that you could be a better boss.

In our opinion, you could be a better boss if you could just do the following 7 things:
  1. Instead of just telling us to to things, let us know the reason behind it.  In this way we will be able to do the work with more meaning, and with more meaning the quality of work will improve too
  2. We are okay to having our bonuses reduced because of the bad economy, but please be fair in the remuneration, and pay more to those that deserve it
  3. You could always make us perspire, but please don't despise us or make us expire.  Instead inspire and motivate us to do better, especially when we are not doing well
  4. Whenever there are problems, can you look at systems first before looking at the people for problems?  There are times where the system is not right (like no proper instructions), but we were blamed when things go wrong
  5. In school, we were taught how to be a good student. At home, our parents educate us how to be good children.  At work, thank you for teaching us how to be good employees.  Perhaps we could also teach you one or two things to be a good boss, that is to lead by example. Never tell us to do things that you yourself would never do
  6. Uplifting environment. The work environment is already very stressful, so please uplift our moods when things go wrong. Instead of finding out 'whose fault is this?', can you please just tell us what to do to get it right?  Focus on the solution instead of the problem is the most uplifting mood you can create anytime of the day
  7. We want to do more of your work, but you first need to trust us and delegate your work to us.  To reduce risk, you could always perform an audit to ensure that things will not go wrong.  When you empower us, we will show it to you how capable we are. In no time you would be able to go back on the dot as we will be the ones slogging for you!  Isn't this the utopia you as the boss should be in?  
We could go on and on, but we hope that you get the point: we are your mirror. If you find that we are no good, it just means that you (as the boss) are no good too.  So when you become a better boss, we too will become better employees. But we guess it has to start from you the boss, right?  We the employees have little power and authority to get things done as compared to you.  So start by becoming a better boss today and we will all be achieving more with less and have a happier work life!

Yours sincerely
Your Employees
Date: 29 February 2015

(Coming tomorrow: Letter From the Boss)

Now You Can Produce Great Results and Being Great
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You are a boss, department manager, supervisor or going to be one of the above.

You know that to produce great results, you cannot be doing the old things that old bosses do: boss people around or do not have balls to tell people off.

As we know, greatness comes from inside: you need to be a Great Person, then you will do Great Things and get Great Results.

How to be a Tough but not Terrible Boss? How to be Nice to People and not Let them Climb over your head? Are there ways that any leader or manager can do to increase their results (or profits) without causing hardships?

Whether you are new or old in business, a big boss or a small boss, if you too want to get more results, this is just one course that you have to attend.

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  2. Becoming a MINDFUL Boss: What it Takes in 7 Ways
  3. First Engage your people then Drive them hard (and how)
  4. Teaching your employees to be Great Employees: the top 5 Ways
  5. Dealing with Difficult Employees and Under-Performers
  6. How to Be Tough but not Terrible: the top 10 Ways
  7. The 5 Essentials: Dealing with Team Disappointments, Handling Your Own Mistakes, Coping with Conflicting Interests and Handling Stress
  8. Daily, Weekly and Monthly Routines to Make Bosses Great
  9. The Ultimate in Being a Great Boss: Make People better than themselves
Bonus 1: Your case studies
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* Know how to get things done without stress
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* Become a Better person and live a more fulfilling life
For Who to Attend:
1. Bosses at all levels
2. Would-be Bosses
3. Trainers and Consultants
4. Secretaries and Personal Assistants (PA)
These are what some of our clients and past participants have to say:
Andy Ng is a very inspiring and captivating speaker not from USA. He is a true talent and yet you do not have to pay US$900 to listen to him.
Mdm Tan B. H., Director, HarnessPotential Associates Pte Ltd
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Late Dennis Ng, best-selling author and Entrepreneur
I gained a lot from Andy no-nonsense, down-to-earth and practical seminars. What I like most are the rich content and lively presentation with lots of daily examples
Nelson Quah, MD, Wasabi Media Pte Ltd

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