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11 Mar 2015

Reply Letter to The Staff

Dear Colleagues,

I read the letter that you wrote to me that day (refer to here) over 3 times, and this letter is in reply to what you wrote.

Yes, I am happy to hear that you guys do not want lesser work for more pay; you guys prefer me as your boss to be a better boss. I fully agree with you that we are all mirrors: bad employees merely reflect bad boss and if the boss becomes better, the employees too become better.

As a start, I have enrolled myself in short effective leadership and management courses, one of them has the strange title called Leadership with Sun Zi Art of War.  I will be going for one management course every month from now till December 2015.  I too will be sending you guys to these 13 courses:
  1. Building Relationships at Work
  2. Dealing with Difficult People
  3. Effective Communication
  4. Effective Support Staff
  5. Excellent Team Members
  6. Email Etiquette
  7. High Value Employees
  8. Productivity From The Inside
  9. Problem Solving with Sun Tzu Art of War
  10. Service From the Heart
  11. Time Management Strategies
  12. Turning Stress into Success
  13. Understanding Your Boss
Details of these courses can be found here.  As we are running a business and not a charity, I expect all of you to apply the ideas learnt in the courses and earn a profit in excess of the course fees.  All of you must also do PAP - Profit Action Plan (details at here).

I hope that after attending these courses, you will be better employees.  I of course will also become a better boss when I have attended my management and leadership courses.

Your Boss

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