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25 Mar 2015

Never Marry the Woman You Love

Never marry the woman you love, love the woman you marry.

This is because if you marry the woman you love, your love for this woman may not last.  What happens years later when she is old and ugly?  Do you still love her anymore?

On the other hand, if you love the woman you marry, you are committed to this marriage.  You will do whatever it takes to make the marriage a success.  Your love for the woman will last longer.

Same as the workplace.  You don't take up a job that you love.  You love the job that you take up.

Not many of us can make our passion our vocation.  Because we need to make a living, many of us have to settle for a job that we may not dislike, but we also don't love it either. In other words, there is little passion in the job that we take.

But if we can love the job we have, we will make every effort to ensure that our job will be a success. We will do whatever it takes: be it acquiring new skills, improve our communication, learn how manage people and most importantly, how to be a better employee. Then we will proceed to become a high value employee.

Become High Value Employees and Win More for Yourself and Your Company
Date   :  09-Apr-15 ,  2 pm to 5.30 pm (Tue)
Venue : The Plaza 02-346 7500a Beach Rd   
Fee: $199 each, $149 each for 2 and above, $129 each for 5 and above; $99 each for 10 & above (plus 2 free seats)
Yes, it is time that everyone in the company is focused on Profits. How to Increase Sales, Lower Cost, Reduce Risk, Improve Cash flow and Productivity.

Everyone, not just those from sales, marketing or finance, has a role to play. This seminar is taken from our over 43.851 business coaching live cases. It will give you more $ ideas than ever.

Note: You need to bring your entire team to attend this course to get the maximum benefits **

Note: This course qualifies for PIC 60% Grant, i.e. your net investment is only 40%. Hurry! Last seats left! Register now by calling Ida at 6225-1784
Power-packed Contents Include:
  1. Problem with Most Employees and what to do
  2. The Ultimate Secret: Clarity of What You Want
  3. Five Ways to Increase Profits by 61%: Low Maintenance, Teamwork, Quantity of Work, Quality of Work and Margins
  4. Passion at Work and How to Have It
  5. Top 10 Ways to Be More Efficient at Work
  6. FISH Philosophy of Fun at Work
  7. Handling Stress and Overworked
  8. How to Go the Extra Mile for Yourself
  9. The 36 Stratagems to Make More Money for employers in 7 areas
1. Get Inspired to work with your team
2. Know how to Fire Up People
3. Avoid Burnt-out
4. Happier work enviroment
5. Higher Productivity = Higher Profits
For Who to Attend:
All Employees
HR Practitioners
These are what some of our clients and past participants have to say:
I rate this 9 points out of 10, especially the systematic approach to goal setting.
Leonard Liu, Bennett Holdings 
I like the central location, plus practical examples and discussion. Topics very relevant to managers too.
Cynthia Chan, Marketing Manager, Singapore Telecommunicatons Limited 
Good ideas on key specific tips to get results.
Terence Heng, Media Manager, Shaw Organization Pte Ltd

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