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10 May 2014

Never Ask for Pay Rise without Asking These 7 Questions

Everyone wants to be a great employee or High Contributing Employee (Course on 26 May 2016 Thur. 2 pm).  Unfortunately, such essential skills are not taught in schools. At Asia Trainers, we teach the following 7 things that all employees should ask before they ask for pay raise:
  1. Early in the Morning, ask "What are the one or two things that I can do today to make your work easier?"
  2. At end of the Day, ask "Thank you for the teachings today"
  3. End of the Month, ask "How's the month's profit?  What one or two things I can do in the next month to make it better?"
  4. If your boss is consistently working late, ask "What can I do to help you go home earlier?"
  5. When faced with attacks from customers or competitors, ask "What track records we can rely on to turnaround the situation?"
  6. At end of the Quarter, ask "What can I do to increase sales, lower costs, improve cash flow, minimize risks, increase productivity and most importantly, increase profits for the company?"
  7. When faced with disappointments at work, ask yourself this question "What can I do differently the next time?"  Understand that you are the boss, you are actually not working for your employer but for yourself.  You are just selling your time to the company in exchange for wages.  Knowing that you are the President of your Own Company will lead you to take ownership in whatever you do.  You will become a high performing employee in no time.
By Andy Ng of Asia Trainers, details of courses at here.  Related articles on employees:
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