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3 May 2014

Using Emptiness to Close Every Sale

In our previous blog, we talk about how to use our eyes to close every sale.  Over 84 techniques were shared in our courses How to Close Every Sale and Sales Power, today we will dwell on one tactic: Using Emptiness.

When your prospect gives you an objection and he did so in a negative manner, like being sarcastic or critical, most salespeople will act in one way - react. If you understand the concept of 'no self', you will know that everyone is empty by itself.  Your prospect does not have any self-nature - no nature of his own.  There is no nature coming from his own side, what we see in him are just our perceptions of him.  He is empty, and we must be careful not to take away his emptiness and fill him with our own views of him, which will be negative because he gave us an objection.  'No self' means that whatever you see in him is just coming from you, not him.  He is empty, but that doesn't mean that he does not exist, or for us to pretend that he is not there.

The 'emptiness' concept means that you stop thinking about your prospect the wrong way.  Stop conceiving of him as being something that is bad from his side, and start thinking of him as an empty screen.  What you see in him is just your projection of him, the projector is your own mind, driven by electricity called imprints from what you have experienced before.  The point is not to judge anything as good or bad, not to attach to any of your own feelings or emotions.  In short, see things and see people what they are, and you will have wisdom.  

If you see the objection as what it really is - an objection and nothing else, you will be wise enough to handle it objectively.  You will not react negatively to him, instead you will respond positively to such a negative event.  (For the simple 4-Step Way to handle objections, click here).  This is what we call seeing people as empty, and you can certainly use emptiness concept to sell the impossible.  Good luck!  Related articles: 
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