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28 May 2014

The Oldest Yet Most Effective Sales Tactic

Successful salespeople use a very effective sales tactic that win business over easily. This tactic is actually a process that sells without selling.  It is said that a good salesperson never sells anything, he simply creates the conditions for buyers to buy by themselves.  This is because selling is defined as professionally helping other people to buy. 

The oldest and most effective tactic is Asking Questions. 

You see, when you ask questions you are not selling.  You're helping the buyer to solve problems. Asking questions helps you to find out what are the real needs of your customer to determine how much they are willing to pay for a solution.

But you cannot just ask a few questions and expect a sale. You need to ask the RIGHT Questions in the RIGHT ORDER

Other than that, you also need to use questions to overcome sales objections.  It is said that the real job of a salesperson is in overcoming sales objections.  For if he cannot overcome sales objections, the sales objections will overwhelm him and he will be out of sales.

This new course EFFECTIVE SALES TACTICS shows you how to use advanced questioning techniques to sell your products and services based on value to your customers, not price. It will increase your sales success rate. Over 50 questions will be shared, and the trainer will construct questions for your business free-of-charge.

Whether you are selling to large or small companies, if you too want to outsell your competition, this is just one sales course that you must attend.  Date: 22 August 2014 Friday 9 am to 12.30 pm.  Fee is at $298 a person or $199 each for 2 & above.  For details, click here. Related articles:

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