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28 May 2014

No Different from the Rest and Yet is Different

Everything in business starts and ends with sales, so all salespeople must be selling or they are simply redundant. 

If you don't make a difference to your customer, you are no different from other salespeople in the market, and customers will not choose you.  
Making a Difference (MD, not MAD) is not about offering the lowest price at the highest quality and the fastest delivery.  Nor is the MD Salesperson providing the best entertainment, for you are not an entertainer.  It is also not about you providing the most service, especially services that are way beyond the core of what you're doing.  This is because a salesperson is NOT a Service Provider, but a Service Provider that Sells.    

There are 7 ways that you can make a difference to your customers:
  1. Adding Value to Customers Even When They Don't Buy.  
  2. Giving Referrals to your Customers
  3. Help the Customer to Save Money, Time and Energy 
  4. Make the Customer and his Team Happy, Free of Worry and Delusion
  5. Make the Customer a Hero
  6. Be There for Him When He Needs You Most, Disappear When He Doesn't Need You
  7. Love Him by being kind, joyful, calm and understanding.
By Andy Ng, Sales Coach and Trainer at Asia Trainers, details of Successful Selling Strategies and How to Close Every Sale courses are at here.  Other related sales articles:

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