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6 May 2014

Sales Training in Singapore: Waste Money or Win Money?

Sales Training in Singapore falls under 2 categories: Academic-style long training lasting into weeks and months and Corporate-style training lasting from half-days to 3 days.  Marketing Institute of Singapore (MIS) conducts the most academic-style training, while for Corporate-style short sales training, there are 3 main styles:
  • Motivational style, which models training after NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and Motivational Principles.  You get very charged up after the training; 
  • Guru style, which are usually done by 'ang moh' gurus like Joel Bauer and T Harv Eker, usually from USA.  They typically conduct free 2 to 3 days training (or more correctly previews) to on-sell a week of training costing 5 to 9 thousand dollars;
  • Down-to-Earth Style, which are done by over 20 training providers, ranging from one-man shows to established providers like Asia Trainers, Asia Coaching Training and ActionCOACH.  They mix hard (specific sales strategies) with soft motivational elements.  The training fee for such sales training range from $100 to $800, and the duration ranges from half-day to 2 days.  They are in short, practical and yet affordable
Regardless which type of sales training you select for your company, bear in mind that all sales training are useless unless the trainers get the trainees to take action to execute the ideas.  For sales training is unlike other management or corporate training where the emphasis is more on staff development rather than business.  Most bosses send their sales people for sales training for only one purpose: to see an immediate increase in sales after the training. 

For you and your company to enjoy an instant increase in sales after the sales training, make sure that all sales training programs have the following 5 important elements:
  1. Proven Strategies, with strategies and tactics from gurus like Tom Hopkins and Joe Girard; 
  2. Inspiration, for without inspiration there will be no perspiration to take action;
  3. Customization and Contextualization to your industry and company specific issues; 
  4. On-the-spot Answers for Your Questions.  To do that the trainer must have over 10 years of full-time sales training experience and must be doing selling now; 
  5. Enlightening Illustrations so that the ideas will sink into your mind.   Some trainers use video clips and stories to explain the concepts, while others use role play and some use pictures. 
Whether you are now working hard to hit the sales targets set by the company or climbing the ladder of success, realize that all trainings must achieve one thing - make you change. For change is the starting point for success, so said my teacher Andy Ferrari Norman.  Click here for Sales Courses.  Related articles:

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