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11 May 2014

Answers that Everyone Look For in Sales

Every salesperson (including those not selling but selling ideas like those in management) wants to know the fastest and easiest way to make the sale.

One day I asked an audience of insurance salespeople, "How many of you would like it if I gave you a list of people who wanted to buy insurance now? Everyone raised their hands.

Truth: There is no such list. The one-word meaning of sales is "WORK". The 2-word meaning of sales is "WORK HARD". The 3-word meaning of sales is "WORK EVEN HARDER".

How Do I Make a Cold Call?

There answer is, "Don't". Don't make a cold call. Make a warm call.   Warm up the cold call and you'll get your results improved by 27%. Guaranteed.  We teach in our courses the 7 ways to warm up any calls.

Instead of calling people and look for "Mr Andy", tell the other side that "I've been asked to give Andy a call". If they asked you "What's it regarding?" You don't answer it. You just say, "I don't know. I have been asked to give Mr Andy a call. Is he in?" Using this script will get you over the gate-keeper and direct to the prospect directly.

The Objective of a warm call is to set up an appointment. If you ask me the biggest secret of cold calling, I would say in word, "PREPARATION". You need to be prepared, prepared for what? Be Prepared for 3 things:

  1. To win the call. That is to achieve your objective, which is usually to fix an appointment
  2. To be rejected. This is not rejection but a feedback. Understand that they can't reject you because you have not given them any proposal, they only can give you feedback. If they say that "I'm not interested", the feedback is "Tell me something more interesting".
  3. To know who you are talking to and please, please, make something interesting for him. Don't sound like a bore or a salesperson desperate to make the appointment.
How to Get People to Call Me?

Don't call them. Get them to call you. They will call you if you make them excited.

One method that is extremely low cost is to write them an exciting letter (not e-mail) and when they read the letter they definitely have to call you. For example, if I were to write to Obama, the USA President, with this headline "Your next CIA Agent will become another Snowden - leak out all your secrets..."  Do you think he will throw away the letter? Not until he has read the letter and get an assistant to call up the person writing the letter!   In our Selling Ice to the Eskimos course, we teach how to make people buy even when they don't need it - as long as you can make them excited with their own needs.

What's the difference between a Stall and An Objection?

A stall is "I want to think about it", or "I have to talk to other people".  An objection is "Your price is too high", or "We have a good supply now".

Both are put-offs which basically say, "You haven't sold me yet".

What's the best way to approach the prospect? Try Limitless Selling. 

What's the best way to make my proposal stand out? For this and other answers, come for this newly edited course "Successful Sales Strategies" course on Friday 13 May 2016 from 2 to 5.30 pm. Call Idah at 6225-1784 or click here for immediate registration.   Related articles on sales and winning new customers:

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