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14 May 2014

Get Rich by Working Hard

Mention 'work hard' and many equate it to be toil, suffer, to be on tenterhooks, sweat, labour, fret, tolerate and even slog.  Truth be told, working hard is a virtue that all successful people have.  I have yet to see a self-made man that has never work hard. 

If you want to get rich, you need to work hard. 

In fact, working hard is not the same as hardworking, as when you are working hard, you may not realize that you are working hard.  For work has become a joy, and working hard is second nature as you are just fulfilling your calling.

If you enjoy your work and work your enjoyment, work is never hard at all and you'll never need to retire.  

Understand that work hard is not hard if you work with your hearts.

If you find that your work is hard, it's hard for you to work hard.

Hard words make work hard (read here for full article). 

Heart words make hard work not hard. 

A manager's job is to make people work hard, not make people's work hard.

Work hard until work becomes easy, and you don't have to work hard anymore.

Don't forget to work smart too and not just work harder and harder.

To stand out in the workplace, work hard when everyone is hardly at work.

Finally, work so hard until people say you 'spoil the market'.  

You can work hard in the following 7 ways:
  1. Work longer hours
  2. Work longer hours without staying back late
  3. Work earlier hours
  4. Work on rest days
  5. Work when people detest work
  6. Work when nobody is watching
  7. Work  when everyone has given up
Happy working hard!  Details of courses are at here.  Related articles:

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