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7 May 2014

Exposed: The Importance of Trainees that Most Trainers Will Not Admit

Since yesterday's blog about Sales Training in Singapore, one person commented that trainees are more important than trainers, and good trainees can make trainers better and they will benefit the most from any training.  Today we talk about how to become a good professional trainee:
  1. First, realize that training is a key determinant of your career success.  A good trainee will put to use immediately what he learnt and help his employer earn more money instantly.
  2. Second, understand that as a trainee, your job at the training is not to learn as much, but to discover as much as possible about yourself.  We seldom look at ourselves, and most people live their entire lives without knowing themselves.  So go for training with an open mind, take what the trainer said seriously and examine your own strengths and weaknesses honestly in the training.
  3. Third, immediately after the training, jot down 3 key points that you want to teach to your colleagues, boss and team members.  The best way to learn anything is to teach, if you make yourself teach, you learn the most.
  4. Fourth, explore further into the subject taught in the training.  Studies show that we learn more by discovering things ourselves, what better way to dwell deeper in the subject when the material is still fresh in your brain after the training?
  5. Lastly and most importantly, training is about creating change.  You definitely must change something.  I don't care if it is a big change or small change, like changing your dressing.  The one and only purpose of training is to create change, and trainers do not change trainees but trainees do.  Trainings do not work, the people who attend trainings do.

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