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24 Nov 2013

No. 1 Secret in Sales that Few People Teach You

By the way, we are all in sales, regardless of whether we do selling as a career or not. For sales is not just about selling products and services but more of selling ideas.  For example, if you need your colleague to help you out in your work, you need to sell him the idea that helping you is good for him.  If you can convince him, you have made the sale.

The most and often overlooked secret in sales is to be in front of a qualified prospect when he is ready to buy, not when you need to make a sale.

You see when you are desperate to make the sale, you will be selfish and only look at your own interest. You will ignore or downplay the prospect's interest.  And your prospect will notice this, and he will not buy from you because he sees that you are just a sale pusher, not a problem solver.

A salesperson can only succeed if he is seen as a problem solver.  For all prospects have 3 problems, money, happiness and time.  Everyone in this world wants more money, more happiness and more time.  In business they mean the following:

1. Money - more sales, lower costs, higher profits, better cash flow and higher productivity
2. Happiness - less trouble, reliability, peace of mind, convenience, good review from customers etc
3. Time - less work for same or more money, no unnecessary work, go back home of time and speed

So my friend, selling is not about pushing sales to people that don't want to buy, but solving problems for customers.

By Andy Ng, Sales Coach and Trainer at Asia Trainers, details at here.

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