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13 Nov 2013

How to Get People to Work Hard for You Without Much Money

We all know how hard it is to find a good boss. If you happen to be one, you can do the following 5 things that will make all your employees want to work for you without remuneration:
  1. Believe in them.  This must be the biggest reward for any person, for we often see doubters but hard to find people who truly believe in us. You believe that they can do beyond what you’re seeing now, that they are self-directed and can be trusted at all times. Such strong faith will turn all ordinary employees into extra-ordinary employees.
  2. Train them. Yes, training is considered a luxury in many smaller companies but all big MNCs over-train people. The 3 most important skills that you should equip your staff include communication skillspeople management skills and leadership skills. You must train people without condition.  Do not demand that they must return the benefits to the company, for doing so is not really training but just a trading transaction. True training is about believing in them so much that you would train them no matter what, even if they are going to leave you tomorrow.  If you can do this, you are a model boss. 
  3. Help them Pursue their Interests.  Everyone in this world like to do things that are meaningful and interesting to them, and if you help people pursue their interests, they will in turn help you pursue your profits. 
  4. You Teach them to Avoid the Painful Roads that you’ve taken. Everyone wants to know the short cuts to life success, be it in the area of financial management, upbringing of children, parenting, career management or romance management. 
  5. You Do Things for Them. We all need assistance in different aspects of our lives, and if our boss can for do things for us we will be more than grateful. The 3 most important things that a boss can do for their staff are taking the blame, making painful decisions and balancing family life with work commitments

By Andy Ng, Chief Trainer with Asia Trainers, details here. For those that are interested in becoming a better manager, click hereWhether you are in top or middle management, if you too want to increase your team's productivity, now is the time.

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