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19 Nov 2013

It Starts with Your Perception and Ends with Your Proceed

As we know, a person spends 2/3 of his waking hours working and commuting to/from work. Also, all our education is to prepare us for a better working life. Because of work, we are able to enjoy the lifestyles that we want.  

Yet many people feel unhappy when they are at work.  They only look forward to Friday.  It doesn't have to be this way.  In our training, we teach about these 4 Ps to be Happy at Work: Perceive, Pick-up, Prepare and Proceed.


The first thing is to change the way you perceive your work.  Do not perceive it as work, for this will only bring you drudgery and misery.  Instead perceive your work as an opportunity for you to learn the most important skill of all: dealing with people.  When you come across difficult people at work, perceive them to be your teachers teaching you the finer points about human relations. 

By changing your perception from negative to positive, you will get enlightenment immediately.  Work is no longer a chore but a joy.


After you have the right perception about work, you need to pick up the Right Wisdom of Working, which is what we called 'street-smart'.  Street-smart simply means you need to focus on getting the work done, and do not let your personal feelings and emotions affect you.  Like you still would meet the customer even if you don't like him, this is called street-smart.


Yes, you need to prepare the right skills, knowledge and attitudes to do well in your job. The right skills and attitudes for the 7 most common roles are found in the picture below.


Yes, nothing proceeds unless you proceed with action.  That means do whatever it takes, do not procrastinate and most importantly, get the work momentum.  By doing these, you will be able to overcome obstacles.

In short, the 4 Ps: Perceive positively, Pick-up the right wisdom, Prepare skills & knowledge and Proceed to Do.  

By Andy Ng, Chief Trainer at, details of courses are here.

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