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17 Nov 2013

The Best Communication You Can Ever Have in this World

Yes, the best communication you can ever have in this world will give you everything that want, be it money, success, happiness and peace of mind.  This communication, when given in a timely and targeted manner, will turn any suspicions into trust.  People will start to understand you, give you business, and most importantly, give you what you want.

What is this 'best' communication?  How much does it cost you?  Many times this communication cost just your thoughtfulness or mindfulness.  It does not cost you any money.

The best communication in this world that you can give to anyone is Giving. Yes, not just giving anything, and not just giving for the sake of giving, but giving something that is both useful and relevant to the person receiving it.  And giving without any conditions or expectations of rewards.  In short, self-less giving.

What can you give to people?  There are 7 things in this world that everyone needs and wants that you can give immediately:

  1. Love, just care and concern, a brotherly or sisterly love, friendship love, paternal love and simply manhood love.
  2. Benefit of Doubt, especially when it's hard to believe in others
  3. Private Space, as everyone has a little privacy to protect
  4. Wisdom, which is defined as information that can be applied immediately, like this post, and you are free to forward, copy and put inside your website or blog without asking me for permission, as long as you include me as the author.  
  5. Friendship, which is defined treating a person as a fellow traveller in this life journey.  Friends may not last, but friendship that is built on love lasts forever.
  6. Opportunity to Make Mistakes, with the understanding that it is really a mistake, that is, unintentional and not purposeful. 
  7. Love You, this is so plain and simple, yet many people refuse to accept another person's love.  When someone shows concern for you, like greeting you in the elevator, please give that person an opportunity to love you.  The best way is to simply accept his love, i.e. acknowledge his greeting and greet him back. 
By Andy Ng, Chief Trainer Coach at, please email him at  For details on his courses, please click here.  You can also watch the most popular youtube videos on the right side of our blog 

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