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28 Nov 2013

How to Make Your 'Tree' Grow Faster in 7 Ways

We know that things come about on their own.  Once we have done our work, we can leave the law of nature to deliver the results.  But you must first do your work, like plant the right seeds and provide the right soil and environment so that your tree can grow easily.

Same as in management of people.  The seeds you plant today will grow into bountiful trees tomorrow.  You plant seeds by putting in the right systems so that your people can grow from the systems.  Your systems should not inhibit growth.  For example, if your remuneration system rewards everyone the same regardless of their contributions, good people will not grow.

There are 7 Ways that You Can Make Your People Grow Faster:
  1. Give them a Clear Sense of Direction of Where Your Company is Going
  2. Let them Set their Own Goals on When and How They Can Achieve the Company's Directions
  3. Your Remuneration System should be 70% Fixed and 30% Variable so that there is sufficient motivation to perform.  This will also remove the entitlement mentality. 
  4. 'Fertilize' them with lots of Ingredients like Good Ideas, Training, Inspiration and Motivational Pointers (like this blog)
  5. Protect them from the killing 'Sun', which is the Risk of Failure.  Have a good Risk Management System so that the risk of failure is lower.  For example, in our company we reduce of risk of failure by having role plays in the office so that when the staff go to the marketplace they know what to expect.
  6. Provides lots of 'Air', which is the Chance to Air their Views.  When people know that they have a say in their work, they will contribute more instead of just being 'yes men'.
  7. Have the Right Level of 'Water', which is Stress Level.  Like water, too much stress can kill people while too little stress will make people bored and remain where they are.  In fact, too little 'water' (stress) will also make them 'die' (passion dissipated) for they will channel their energy to outside work. 
By Andy Ng, whose course on How to Be a Great Boss has now reached Indonesia (Jarkarta).  For details on our management and sales courses, click here. Related articles:

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