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28 Nov 2013

5 Rules to Sell As Well As Apple's iPad Air

By now the whole world realizes that Apple's iPad Air has broken another new record for tablet sales.  Many people wondered what makes Apple successful while others like Samsung and LG are still fighting hard?

According to my teacher Andy Ferrari Norman, there are 5 Selling Rules to follow:
  1. Non-self. Yes, selling is about not focusing on yourself but on your customers.  You need to find out what customers want and give it to them.  Selling is not about the seller's ego but making customers heros.  Apple has obviously focused on the user's experience and not the brand awareness.  The App Store it created is second to none.   
  2. Impermanence: selling is about creating new things every now and then and making things non permanent.  That's why Apple has product upgrades every 12 months or so.
  3. Interconnectedness:  As everything changes, everything in this world is connected.  Apple pays attention to the connectivity of things: its apps work with its hardware and software seamlessly. It also has tie-ups with vendors like Facebook and Google Maps.  Apple did not create it own ecosystems that make it difficult to connect with the outside world (like Nokia's Symbian and Meego systems)
  4. Cause and Effect.  Apple knows that a seed planted today will grow into a tree bearing fruits tomorrow. But it knows that life is not a series of steps but rather a whole dance.  Nothing exists independently of anything else as everything is every thing dependent on every other thing. If there is a cause there will be an effect.  
  5. Unsatisfactoriness.  Apple knows that no matter how good its product is, people will never be satisfied.  This is because human beings are subject to unsatisfactoriness, i.e. we always want something better.  That's why Apple always has something up to its sleeves: it holds back some key features so that users will crave for something better in future.  In this way, Apple creates its own demand. 
By Andy Ng, Sales Coach and Trainer at Asia Trainers. Two such courses How to Close Every Sale and Sales Follow-up Success are now featured in more than 7 countries. 

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