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14 Nov 2013

Follow From the Front and Other Qualities of the Modern Managers

Just because managers are successful now does not mean they will be doing well in the future. Based on training over several hundreds of companies in 12 countries since 1996, the following 5 are the  Must-Have Qualities that all Modern Managers are Expected to have: 
1. Follow From the Front
This is about removing roadblocks from the paths of employees to help them to succeed.  It is beyond managing people to empowering and engaging people.  It is about jumping with the people.
2. Make Use of Technology like chatrooms, Facebook and Linked-in
The modern manager will know what is happening faster from internet than reading newspapers, because the internet is instant while the print media is about yesterday.
3. Lead by Example
Do not just give out instructions, but be the first to follow your own instructions.  Go to the scene to get the real feel and lead from the front.
4. Embrace Vulnerability
Instead of playing it safe, managers must now have the courage to show up and be seen.  According to Brene Brown, author of “Daring Greatly” book, vulnerability is about taking risk and is not about being weak but being courageous. There is simply no innovation and creativity if you play safe.  In fact by playing safe you are most vulnerable! 
5. Belief in Sharing
In the past, the manager has all the information and make decisions for employees to implement. Today employees have more information than their managers and thus the modern manager must rely o employees to help make decisions.  We know that employees will implement in full the decisions they make rather than pass to them. 
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