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23 Nov 2013

Don't Overvalue the Low Values and Undervalue the High Values

You have all heard about people making headlines in winning awards, making the most money, achieve highest sales and being the first and the largest . We seldom heard of people winning awards for things such as help the most people, being the most honest guy and making the most sacrifice for others.

Yes, our world overvalue things such as make the most money, be the first, win titles, aim for bigger things and go for fame and recognition.  But unknown to many, such things are actually of low value. 

This is because it is extremely easy to achieve such things.  All you need to do is to put in lots of efforts to achieve them.  But it is very difficult to achieve the higher noble things in life: build character, make a difference, care for people, teach people and understand people with compassion.  Such noble things are often undervalued.  That's why no awards in this world are created for them.

If you were to look back to your school days, you will undoubtedly recall the top student who scored the highest in grades.  But can you remember such a person as 'being the most helpful student?'  Unlikely.  In fact you can remember till now your good schoolmate that helped you the most.  Yet such good people scored low in grades.  This is because our society overvalues the low values and undervalue the high values.

So my friend, don't make the same mistake as our society.  Do not undervalue your own values and overvalue other people's 'values', which are actually just achievements.  Overvalue your own 'low values' and undervalue others' 'high values'.

By Andy Ng, Chief Trainer Coach at Asia Trainers, details here.

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