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9 Nov 2013

How to Be More Successful in Whatever You're Doing Now

One: Make Sure You Add Value

To know whether you add value in doing anything, ask yourself this question: is there a difference had I not done this?  Not only must there be a difference, you must also do things differently. Like Apple's iPhone in 2007: not only do they make handphones, they also started a trend of no-keyboard.

Two: Communicate Down and Up, Inside and Out

Of course the most important communication is with yourself: what you say to yourself when you are all by yourself.  They call this self-talk, which is thinking hard within yourself.   Of course you don't really need to verbalize and let people hear what you are saying to yourself!

Three: Know How to Deliver Results

This means you must have competency and commitment, for you need both to deliver, not just talk

Four: Conduct Yourself and Your Business with Integrity

To me integrity is defined as not taking anything that you are not given, including time, information, emotions and feelings.  In other words, don't do unto others what you don't want others to do unto you.

Five: Invest in Relationships

Relationships are things that matter in the longer term.  It is beyond lust, love or liking.

Invest in not just business relationships, but also relationships with the society and the environment as a whole.

Six: Gain Perspective

Not just different ways of seeing things, but also be comfortable that you may not know or understand everything.  Many things are not meant to be understood, but simply accepted and embraced, like the rapidly changing weather.

By Andy Ng, Chief Trainer at Asia Trainers, details at here.

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