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22 Nov 2013

2 Deadly Pitfalls of Managers that You Must Avoid

All managers must avoid 2 deadly pitfalls:
1. Control
Too little control or too much control is a problem.
Too little control would mean not having rules, but most often we see rules not followed and management never do much about it. For example, many companies have rules on working hours, but ask yourself how many management actually ensure that people come to work punctually? Many people have got used to being late, and the common excuse is they work late, so they can come late for work.
Many don't know that this is causing some issues in teamwork, e.g. if some people are not here by 8.30 am, how am I going to get certain things done without them?
So as a manager, make sure that you set the rules of the game.
A good rules of the game is Values. Values like honesty and 'Go Extra Mile' must be laid down and followed by all staff.
2. Losing Their Voice
It's easy for people to lose their voice after working in the company.
Initially new employees are out-spoken but after a while they got sucked into the system and dare not speak their minds. In fact many employees only dare to speak out only after they have tendered their resignation.
We know that it is very important for employees to speak their minds, otherwise what's the use of having them? Only with views aired can we then improve.
** If everyone has the same opinion, it means that either everyone is not thinking (just 'Yes men') or everyone is redundant!

As a manager, you must provide the avenue for people to speak out. I suggest having a WIFLE session, which is simply "What I Feel Like Expressing" sessions. Another way is to follow what Li Shi Min, the greatest emperor of the mightily Tang Dynasty in China did 1,400 years ago. Li Shi Min actually got every official of "Rank 5 & above" to submit a critique of the government's policies. What ultimately emerged is a very strong government that is in tune with the people and created the "Golden Age of China".  

By Andy Ng, Chief Trainer Coach and Trainer of Asia Trainers, details are here

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