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11 Nov 2013

7 Ways to Use Love in Business Professionally

Of all the words in the English language, Love is the most mis-understood.  Many mistaken love to be attachment, lust, affection or relationship kind of love. We know that love is more than that.

We also know what Love is NOT. Love is not about possession, condition and blind faith.   Many say that love is an inner feeling, and when you express that feeling to the outside world, that feeling is called an emotion.

We define love as promoting the welfare of others.  It is to serve others, not ourselves.  It is to use your heart, not just your brain or your body. There are 7 kinds of love that we can use in business and at work:
1.  Showing Kindness, Care and Concern (non material benefits)
2.  Welfare and Material Benefits (e.g. money)
3.  Commitment and Loyalty
4.  Trust and Confidence in People, especially when the going is tough
5.  Empathy (to feel what people are feeling without them telling you)
6.  Friendship and Comradeliness
7.  Non-self, i.e. put ourselves behind others

Here are how we can apply Love in business in 7 Ways:

  1. In Managing and Leading People, to be Tough on the Problem but Soft on the People
  2. In Sales and Marketing, it is to customize the benefits of what you sell to the customer
  3. In Customer Service, to Go the Extra Mile and Serve from the Heart
  4. As a employee, our love to our employer is all about being Committed and Loyal to our employer and fellow colleagues
  5. In Problem Solving, it is about not adding another problem and looking for win-win ways
  6. As a boss, we express our love to our employees by taking care of them, material and non-material sense
  7. As a Government, we love our people by putting people in front of all our policies (i.e. people-based government)
Of course, love is not a noun but a verb, i.e. it is an action. To be loving we must act with love.  One must first love himself before he can love others.

My teacher once said: "If the freedom of your mind brought about by love is cultivated and enhanced, always practised, strengthened and properly undertaken, you will be blessed in 9 ways.  You will:
  • Sleep well
  • Wake up happily
  • Has no bad dreams
  • Be loved by humans and non-humans
  • Protected from harms and accidents
  • Have easy concentration
  • Have a healthy body and most importantly
  • Have a radiant complexion and look young; and, 
  • Be Richer in both material and non-material ways!  
Wow!  Since love has so many benefits, why not we love more?  Start by spreading this blog to your friends, and leave me your kind comments below...

By Andy Ng, Chief Trainer and Coach at Asia Trainers, details at here.   Related articles on love include:
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