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26 Mar 2014

No wonder it's either Apple or Samsung: The 3 Immutable Laws of Marketing

I just re-read THE 22 IMMUTABLE LAWS OF MARKETING’ book written by Al Ries and Jack Trout and many ideas already exploded in my little mind.   You can read the full list of 22 laws at our previous article at here.

As at today Samsung and Apple both controlled over 52% of the world's smartphone market share out of over 40 players.  Samsung and Apple successes can be attributed to the 3 laws:
  1. Law of Sacrifice.  This is the opposite of Law of Extension.  It says that if you want to be successful, you need to give up something.  For Samsung, they give up software control, for they use Google's Android instead of their own Tizen operating system. For Apple's iPhone, they give up screen size so that the users can have a easy one-hand operation.  Note that the rumoured iPhone 6 coming up in June 2014 will have a larger 4.7 inch option, but this is still much smaller than Samsung Galaxy Note 4 coming up in July 2014 which will have 5.9 inch. 
  2. Law of Attribute.  This states that you have to own a certain attribute that your competitor does not have.  Both Apple and Samsung share the same critical components that made their smartphones so popular: screen, processor and flash memory.  (Samsung has been supplying these 3 components to Apple since 2007, the year of the first iPhone launch).  No wonder some people are wondering if both Samsung and Apple are not competitors but collaborators!
  3. Law of Candor.  When you admit a negative attribute, the market will give you a positive attribute.  It goes against human nature to admit a weakness, so if you admit a weakness, the market will see you as honest and strong enough to be weak, that means you have certain strong attributes.  For Apple, they admit their weakness is their small screen size, whereas for Samsung their most exposed weakness is its plastic back.  Samsung justified this so as to allow for the battery to be removed and replaced easily (and thus you need not worry about weak battery)
Now you too can apply these and other ideas into your daily sales.  Whether you are now enjoying good sales income or you want to fast track your success, learn from the experts.  Related articles on sales and list of sales courses are at here:
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