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22 Mar 2014

The Best Leaders Listen: 7 Important Voices to Listen To

There is a world of difference between passively and actively listening.  The best leaders and managers are also the best listeners, they asked themselves 3 questions every week:
  • Who Does Not Feel Listened To?
  • What People Have I Neglected to Listen to?
  • Have I audited my own listening to ensure that my listening still have standards?
There are 7 Important Voices that Every Leader Listens to:
  1. The Unhappy Voice - discontentment with what is happening now
  2. The Inner Voice - the unspoken feelings inside of you
  3. The Higher Voice - something higher than what we are doing and thinking now, like kindness
  4. The Successful Voice - Who can we learn and leverage from?
  5. The Undermined Voice - the people who are losing out, if left unchecked, will lead to chaos
  6. The Hidden Voice - this is beyond your inner feelings, it is the spirit or soul of you
  7. The Repeated Voice - anything that repeats 3 times or more is a cause for concern, this is usually the neglected voice.
In my opinion, the Malaysian authorities have not been listening to the families of the missing plane MH370.  What they are doing now is just hearing the sounds, which is useless.  If they were to engage in a heart-to-heart talk with the families, they will begin to hear the above 7 important voices.

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