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25 Mar 2014

Connecting People when they are Disconnected with You

Yes, it is getting more obvious that people are getting more disconnected despite of the proliferation of tools that 'connect' like smartphones, tablets and smart watches.  We know that connection is beyond 'being there', it is also not about being 'on line' or 'on the line'. Connection is nothing but connecting at the heart and spirit level.  It is beyond connecting at the body level, and also above the mind level. 

You'll know when you're connected to someone when both of you 'get it', and you don't need to show anyone that connection exists.  Like a loving couple, they are truly connected at every minute of their date even when they 'do nothing' at their dates.  Note that the Chinese used to think of connection at the 'blood' or family level, but this is just body connection and may not even be mind connection.

The recent MH370 Plane Disaster showed that the families of the victims were simply 'disgusted' with the Malaysian authorities, this shows a total lack of connection.  On the other hand, some of the victims' families feel warm towards the Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbot, you can say that there is some connection there.  

Whether you are working as an salesperson, executive, supervisory or managerial level, if you too want to inspire people and make them work hard for you, you need to go beyond engaging your people.  Understand that left on their own, people will naturally get disconnected.  So connecting people is not a luxury but a must or you'll be left with zero human interaction.  There are 7 Ways that You Can Connect with People Quickly and Easily:
  1. Focus Beyond the Money.  Any focus on money, even making money together is not connection but just contacts.  If you have to focus on money in business, focus on fair terms like money back guarantee
  2. Non-Judgemental.  The moment you judge people, the connection is gone.  This is because judging makes us feel inferior.  On the other hand, praising is good and is connecting, but certain praises actually de-motivate people (read my other article at here). 
  3. Admit Your Mistakes and Vow to Work Hard to Minimize its Future Damage
  4. Love people, which is about being 4 things: Joyful, Calm, Kind and Understanding.
  5. Open and Transparent, with Nothing to Hide.  Let people know your inner intentions and what you're doing things in certain way.  Avoid having ulterior motives (like what Russia's Putin is doing now with Crimea) are the most dis-connecting
  6. Serve People from the Heart.  If you serve by protocol, you leave people pretty impressed but when you serve from your heart, you leave behind a lasting impression and good connection.
  7. Inspire People to Achieve Beyond their Imagination.  This is because people will never stop believing that they can do more with what they have now, be it their jobs, money or relationships. 
Using the MH370 Plane Disaster incident as an example, it is not too late for the Malaysian authorities to now re-connect with the victims' families.  They should start by admitting their own incompetencies and ask for forgiveness. Next, they should really listen to the families and do not judge their current antagonistic behaviour as rude but instead offer their love by being understanding and calm. They should also not focus on money as the main form of compensation but instead offer to serve them with services like insurance claims and funeral arrangements.  The Malaysian authorities should from now onwards be totally upfront and hide no information from the families.  They should inform people the findings from their police investigation of the pilots and also the dangerous cargo that were inside the plane.  Finally, they should encourage and inspire the victims families to step up, let go and live on, as this will be the best way to comfort the victims who have passed on.

By Andy Ng of Asia Trainers, details of training courses at here. Other related articles:
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