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12 Mar 2014

3-Steps to Making People Remember What You Said for Life

We know that most customers don't and can't comprehend all the sales information that they hear from us.   In fact most people cannot even remember what they had for lunch yesterday.  Yet I know that as a master salesperson I need to make my customer remember what I present, not just for now but for life.  That's why I do the 3-Prong Approach: Repeat-Touch-Repeat.

During the sales presentation, we have to repeat what we previously said.  This repeat is like giving people a second helping and people will thank you for that.  It's like what happens when we first hear a new song.  We hear mostly the beat and tune and say, "This is a nice song."  Then, after hearing the same song for a second or third time, we start to pay attention to the lyrics, and start to appreciate that the song is quite meaningful.  Well, it's the same as in sales presentation.  Repetition is the mother of liking.

After we repeat our Presentation, we have to let the customer touch what we are presenting, for touching gives people a real feeling.  Touch is kinaesthetic, and it will add on to the visual and audio senses that we are presenting.

It doesn't matter if your product is tangible or intangible (like training services).  Even if it's only papers or pamphlets, the customer must hold something so that he can feel and experience the product first hand.  It's like your first kiss: the touch of two persons' lips is so unforgettable and sweet even up till today.

The 3rd Prong is the Repeat, but this time is by the customer.  After the customer has touched your product or brochure, you can make him repeat what he feels by asking, "Isn't this great?" or "How does this fit in with what you had in mind?"  Such a question will definitely prompt a 'yes' answer from the customer, and this, my friend, is a repeat by the customer, which is the most powerful repetition in sales.

By Andy Ng, Sales Trainer of the "Successful Selling Strategies" and all-new "Limitless Selling" courses, details are at here.  Related articles on sales:
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