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3 Mar 2014

10 Ways to Get People to Change Happily and Willingly

Whenever you use force to open your friend's tightly clenched fist, he will resist you even more and be more motivated to defend his position.  This is a metaphor of the difficulties in getting people to change, where the clenched fist represents the stubbornness of the person.  Instead of using force, you can use the following 10 ways effortlessly:
  1. Persuade and Influence with Win-Win. Such softness will overcome all harshness.
  2. Distract that person and when catch him when he is in a weak moment. Common distractions include phone, food and news
  3. Give that person a benefit.  This works all the time and benefits can be tangible or intangible.  You can sincerely praise him in 10 ways, see the article at here
  4. Get a more friendly person to do it. This is because no one can resist a friend's request
  5. Wait for a Better Timing
  6. Offer Your Help.  This will reduce their resistance immediately
  7. Take Away. When you tell people 'don't change', they will change.  This is because human beings like to overcome challenges and people want what you take away.  Such is the power of scarcity
  8. Attract People to Change.  Like magnets, human beings like to be attracted instead of being attacked.  If you want people to change their opinion, you must lay the bait that the change is more attractive then what they are having now
  9. Lead People to Change. Yes, everyone wants to be led because we like to be taken care of.  That's why leaders are more popular than followers.  
  10. Change Yourself.  When you find that people don't want to change, you could be the problem.  This means change yourself first.  Once people see that you have changed, they will follow you. 
This article is written by Andy Ng, whose courses on management are found here.  To continue  receiving our articles, follow us in this blog. Readers that read this article also read the following related articles:

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