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22 Mar 2014

They Laughed When I Stared at My Tablet - But When They Saw What I Saw...

They laughed when they saw me staring at my tablet for the whole day.  What am I so engrossed in?  But when they saw what I saw, they begin to laugh too.  What I am doing is simple: ALT (Anytime Learning with Tablet).

The modern world is no longer about getting good grades, for things are changing so fast that no school in this world, including the top universities, can teach us new things.  The only way to learn in this world now is to learn on internet.  Not through your PC or laptop, for it is too tiring and inconvenient.  Neither is it through your smartphone, for your smartphone has to be reserved for texting, facebooking and calls.  It has to be through another devise, a portable one that you can bring to anywhere: office, restaurant, bedroom, bathroom, bus, train, lift and bedroom.  With a tablet of a convenient size (e.g. 7 inch), relatively cheap (best cost you less than $200), reasonably fast with good battery, you can do the following learning easily anytime anywhere:
  1. Youtube videos, they now include up to 5 hours long training seminars
  2. TED seminars, where you learn from the top notch speakers on a wide range of topics
  3. Play Books, where you can read sample of the world's books for free, and buy them at a one-third discount over traditional print versions
  4. Blogs, where you can learn on a daily basis the latest thinking that shape our world, e.g 
With so much benefits, no wonder they say having a tablet today is no longer a luxury but a necessity.  This is really a good alternative to learning: the ALT All-time Learning on Tablets.  From now to 31 December 2014, every 5 seats registered for our courses will entitle you to one free Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 (wifi version, 16 GB, Dual core 1.2 GHz) tablet worth $298.  Limit to 5 sets a week and whole stocks last.  For clarification on this, email to us or text to me (Andy) at 8201-4347.
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