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5 Mar 2014

Make Sure You are Not the Next Ukraine

As of today, Russia has already formally annexed Crimea, which belonged to Ukraine for over 5 decades.  Such 'lawful' action was done under the nose of the mighty EU and the 'strong man' Barrack Obama of USA.   You may wonder what has this Ukraine's crisis got to do with your work or business in Singapore?

Some people said that had the USA and EU got its act together, Ukraine will not be invaded.  Others point out to the political crisis in Ukraine as the main culprit.  Let's make it clear: Ukraine was invaded by Russia because its defence is weak. Imagine if Ukraine had a strong army like North Korea, would any foreign soldier, let alone any Russian army, dare to go inside Ukraine?

In fact if you are not careful, you could be the next Ukraine.  Let me give you some very specific realistic examples:
  1. In business, if your company is weak in sales and marketing, your competitors can easily invade into your business by luring your clients away with price reductions and free gifts;
  2. In management, if you are weak in holding on to your people (like your pay is low), your competitors can easily 'invade' you by poaching your key staff.  Before you realize it, they are already in your 'territory' (they just called your staff personally)
  3. If you are a boss, if you fail to defend your business vision and goals, your staff can easily 'invade' your goals by putting their own goals on top of yours.  This is exactly what happened in Crimea's 2 airports: the Russian army sent its people there to replace the security personnel there.
  4. If you are an individual, if your body defences are weak, germs (the enemy) can easily invade your bodily systems and take over them.  That's how people fall sick, right?
 So my friend, we need to prevent ourselves from becoming the next Ukraine. The only way is to be strong in our own defence.  For if we cannot protect ourselves, invaders will take no chance and invade us swiftly.  Before we realize it, we could have already lose what we have, and winning them back will be extremely difficult. Don't be the next Ukraine, strengthen your defences now as follows:
  1. In sales and marketing, train your salespeople so that they are more competent than your competitors.  Beef up your marketing and come up with better offers so that your competitors will have no chance to steal away your customers
  2. As a People Manager, make sure that you consistently Inspire, Motivate and Lead your people. If they are so well trained, competent and motivated, it will be almost impossible for competitors to poach them away
  3. As a boss, make sure that you inspire and enrol your people into your business vision and goals. Put your company's goals at the forefront and staff would not dare to put their personal goals on top of yours.  Like focus on business goals to dissipate any personal agenda and office politics.
  4. Finally, as an individual, make sure that you have sufficient sleep, eat and live healthily and most importantly, have a strong mind.  We can help you equipped with a strong mind with our training.  With such iron attributes, sickness will not succeed in coming to you. 
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