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10 Mar 2014

The Secret to a Salesperson Success Doesn't Lie in Quotes

What's the secret to salespeople success?  I believe it is to BE a salesperson. Salespeople are not quotes-people because there is no money to be made in quotes.  Yet I see many salespeople happily giving out quotes, tenders and proposals with NO INTENTION OF CLOSING them.  Many people think that sales is a number game, when in fact it is a quality numbers game.  

If you do submit a quote, you have to do follow-up until you close the sale.  You cannot just submit a quote and expect to close it.  Some salespeople think that by submitting a quote, they are putting one foot into the door.  This is far from true.  Companies receive lots of quotes everyday, those that don't stand out won't get any chance of being getting close to the door.

So my friend, the next time you are asked to give a quote, ask yourself this question: are you going to do all the follow-up to close the deal?  Do you have a winning quote or your quote is just me-too?  Do you understand what the client wants?  Are you a serious vendor under consideration, or are you just a vendor to make up the numbers?  If the answer is none other than yes, don't submit any quote for you are just wasting time. 

A salesperson time is better spent on getting quality clients via other ways, like prospecting, phone-mail-phone, exhibitions, networking, getting referrals and even writing this blog.  Remember, you are a salesperson, not a quotes-person.  Quotes don't close by themselves, only salespeople can close sales, not quotes-people.  Be a salesperson, not quotes-person. Happy closing!

By Andy Ng, Sales Trainer at Asia Trainers, details of sales courses including this latest hit "Limitless Selling" are here.

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