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31 Mar 2014

The 36 Stratagems to Solve Singapore's Labour Shortage Permanently

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We know that with the Singapore's economy growing at 3% to 4% this year, companies should be enjoying at least 5% to 10% of sales growth.  Yet many businesses that I talked to, including the famous restaurant at Orchard Road that I attended, are seeing stagnant sales.  Some are even experiencing declining sales.  Why?

Lack of Labour. Because of the low birth rates from 1990 onwards, there are far fewer job seekers than job providers.  This, coupled with the continued tightening of foreign labour, means that it is the lack of labour, not lack of customers, that is causing sales to stagnant.  Is there a solution?

The solution must be a permanent one, that is, it should once and for all solve this labour shortage problem, at least for the next 10 to 20 years. It should also not increase the cost of doing business, yet at the same time does not require government's funding.  What is this perfect solution?  

Increase in Productivity.  This simply means ever more output with ever less labour.  There are at least 36 Ways to Increase in Labour Productivity:
  1. Trained staff - using both External and Internal Training (and get $36K cash under PIC)
  2. Work Smart staff
  3. Cooperative staff with Strong Teamwork
  4. Collaborative staff with sufficient Competition
  5. Outsourcing
  6. High Morale staff
  7. High Morals staff
  8. Automate
  9. Increase in Automation and Computer Speed
  10. Better attitude staff
  11. Better Management
  12. Better Leadership
  13. Work with Competitors
  14. Work with Government
  15. Work with Trade Associations
  16. Work with Tertiary Institutions
  17. Work with Overseas Partners
  18. Work with Vendors
  19. Work with Customers
  20. Increase sales with Effective Sales Strategies
  21. Increase Average Dollar Sale (read here for The 36 Stratagems used by McDonalds)
  22. Increase Customers Transaction Size
  23. Increase Customers' Transaction Frequency
  24. Down-size to Focus on More Profitable Trades, resulting in higher profit margins
  25. Improve Cash Flow, leading to higher sales
  26. Reduce Overheads, especially Premise cost
  27. Reduce Wastage, Rework and Duplicated Work
  28. Reduce travelling time by having mobile office and flexible work arrangements
  29. Reduce meetings and meeting time that are going nowhere
  30. Reduce Conflicts
  31. Increase in Staff Commitment via Ownership Strategies (that make them own their work)
  32. Goal Setting and Achievement
  33. Connect and Touch the Hearts of Staff with Love Strategies
  34. Build Loyal Staff
  35. Efficiency and Productivity
  36. Effectiveness
I could just go on and on, but will stop at 36 ways because you know that there are plenty of ways to solve this problem.  All we need is to open our minds, open our hearts and put our hearts and souls together.  Stop Whining and Start Winning.  We ARE THE Solution.  

By Andy Ng, Business Coach and Trainer at Asia Trainers, details at here. Related articles:

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