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11 Mar 2014

Ask Your Enemy for a Favour: Turn People from Hate to Love Instantly

I'm sure that there are times in your work or life that you have a person that just doesn't like anything that you do.  In fact, he hates you, for whatever reason that may be.  If you are in sales, this person will never pay attention to your sales presentation and will just give you objection after objection.

The next time you're faced with this difficult situation, just put on a serious face.  Then ask that person in a most sincere and humble way, "Please, Mr Customer, would you please do me a great favour?"  The customer, out of natural human curiosity, will automatically say, "What?"

You would then ask this unfriendly customer to do something trivial, or something easy to do, like close the door, lend you his pen, or get you a glass of water.  Once the customer obliges, something wonderful happens. 

The hostile customer will, very subconsciously, instantly feel powerful and useful, in his own mind.  The moment he feels this powerful way he will go out of his way to be kinder and more considerate.  In a matter of seconds, your enemy, the customer, is now your friend.  And you can now sell easily to a friend. This is what psychologists said the lack of power makes people feel insecure and unfriendly, and the feel of power makes people feel secure and thus will be friendly.

The above 'Ask You Enemy For a Favour' stratagem works all the time, provided you do it very naturally and unassuming way. If not, things will easily fall apart and you will not just have an enemy, but a person that wants you dead now.

By Andy Ng, Sales and Management Trainer at Asia Trainers, details of courses are at here.  Related articles on sales:
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