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23 Jun 2014

5 Things that Your People Learn Unconsciously that could Kill You

We know that informal learning is the world's biggest and fastest learning.  This is because when one learns informally, one is not using his conscious mind and is thus using less conscious effort. With less conscious effort, one can learn more without feeling tired. That's why when you embark on what you love, you'll have more energy.  Same for learning.  What you learn informally you learn more. 

Many people learn the following 5 bad habits at work unconsciously:
  1. Pushing Blame.  When something wrong happens, employees learn that if you don't push the blame to someone else, you'll have to shoulder the entire blame. Thus employees learn to push blame quickly, like "I thought that you know, that's why I never follow-up with you" and "You should know as you're more senior than me".  
  2. Coming up with Excuses.  Like "I never learnt that in school", "It was always done like this". We know that excuses only serve one purpose: exclude you from the blame  
  3. Denial.  This is completely refusing to see the problem and pretend that everything is all right.  Like not going for periodic maintenance and rely on vendor's promise that "new machines should be okay"
  4. Get More Things Done with Less Effort.  This is taking things easy, not going for the tough act and wait for things to happen instead of taking pro-active steps
  5. Hide Information from the Bosses.  Some believe that the less the boss knows, the less will be his checking and thus the lesser will be your work.   
If you too want your people to not learn the wrong things but instead learn the right things, you need to send them for external courses.  Like this Effective Manager on 17 July and High Value Employees on 5 August.  For listing of our courses, click here.  From Andy Ng of Asia Trainers.  Related articles:

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