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14 Jun 2014

Why Companies Would Rather Die than Send Staff for Training

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Although everyone knows the value of training your staff, plus the Singapore Government is giving back 60% cash or 300% tax deduction for training (under the PIC scheme), we at still receive registrations from individuals.  The reason is that their employer refused to pay for the staff training, even though they know the Government is paying back 60% cash and 160% cash under PIC Bonus scheme. There are 7 reasons why companies won't pay for staff training:
  1. They do not think that their staff is good enough to attend training.  That means the staff has not earned the right to be trained and has to work hard to prove himself first
  2. They are afraid that after the training, the staff will leave the company faster as he is now more skilled and knows more than the boss
  3. They don't believe the PIC scheme or don't know how to get PIC funding
  4. They never think the training is good for they believe that the best way to learn in this world is still experience.  For the 7 ways to train your people like a dragon, read this article
  5. They had a bad experience in the past when training turned out to be a waste of time and money
  6. They are afraid that the more the staff knows, they higher is the chance of the staff taking over the boss's work
  7. They are simply too busy and have no time to even eat or rest, how to talk about training?  In other words, training is considered a luxury.
If any of the above reasons describe why you don't send your staff for training, we advise you to first go for training.  We are offering 100% money-back guarantee for reason no. 4, for the other reasons, our coach will explain to you in person.  If you do not have any of the above reasons and are still not sending your staff for training (need not be from us), we can help.  Text to me at 8201-4347.  Related articles:

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