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12 Jun 2014

Get Young People to Work Hard without Telling them Hard

Ask any bosses and they will lament that nowadays young people don't work as hard as the previous employees.  In fact, many of these youngsters talk about work life balance before talking about work deadlines.  We cannot help but wonder: have our society's values degenerated so much that working hard is no longer a virtue?

Truth be told, young people are not lazy.  They too want to work hard.  The reason they don't work hard is not because they don't want to work hard, but because they worked hard before and did not get a good experience from working hard.  Many of them also don't know how to work hard.  Some of them think that working longer hours is work hard. For the top 10 myths and truths of working hard, read here and explore at here too. 

Here are 5 ways that you as a manager or leader can get your people to work hard easily:
  1. First, recognize that they have their own ideals and dreams.  Talk to their dreams, and get inspired by their dreams. 
  2. Ask them how they can achieve their dreams and if they carry on their life as now.
  3. Let them feel the pain of not achieving their dreams and live a life of regret for not putting in the efforts now
  4. Assure them that all great success in this world can be achieved as long as people pay the price of success
  5. Offer your help on how they can pay the price of success now by working hard.  Then work with them a detailed step-by-step plan with clear timelines on how they can work on the plan.  Show them the sweet success when they achieve their dreams in future.  That will inspire them to working hard. 
By Andy Ng of Asia Trainers, details of How to Be a Better Manager course is at here.  Related articles:

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