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19 Jun 2014

The 5 Things to Change Your Mind before You Pass On

"Most of us want to change the world, but only a few of us are willing to change our own  minds!  Are you willing to change your mind?  Many people think that if you change your mind, you're fickle-minded.  Truth be told, it's okay to change your mind, just be careful that you don't lose your mind.  For when you lose your mind, you lose your life. 

If you want more success in your life and career, it's time to change your mind.  The 5 things that you should change your mind:
  1. Stop following the crowd's mind.  Like now most people think that business is hard, and it's hard to achieve breakthrough.  Change your mind to Start Leading the Crowd's Minds.  Lead the market to achieve breakthroughs and you'll achieve success.  Like the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom (smartphone with 10 times optical zoom camera), you can take superb selfies without having a solid front camera.  All you need is a solid software to guide you.  In your business or work, you don't need solid credentials to do well, all you need is solid leverage with people
  2. Your Mind is Like a Parachute, it's only useful if you open it.  Open your mind to new ideas, and stop questioning and start exploring.  You'll be pleasantly surprised that the sky is much bigger than what you think once you open your mind. Like I'm now opened to the idea of low-cost night training as long as the course is different from day courses
  3. Sticking to Your Beliefs is good, but don't be stubborn and discard all other beliefs.  Like it was once believed that higher exposure means higher popularity; but in today's social media it is not higher exposure but value-added exposure that leads to popularity
  4. Working Hard is not hard at all as long as you're working with your hearts and not just working harder and harder.  Click here for the secrets to working hard without working hard
  5. Take out the trash in your mind.  The trash is anything that is keeping you away from what's important - this moment.  When you're truly in the here and now, you'll be surprised at what you can do and how well you do it.  From Way of the Peaceful Warrior book by Dan Millman

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