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15 Jun 2014

How to be Happy at Work

Work can be happy too if you know how.  You don't have to be promoted, earn a big pay check or get what you want to be happy at work.  Being happy at work has nothing to do with your work effectiveness, it has everything to do with your life's effectiveness.  If you're not happy at work, why work?  Working for money alone will only make you more unhappy, for work can only bring you limited money.  

To be happy at work, try the following 5 things:
  1. Focus on Growth, not just Achievement.  For when you're growing, you are getting a high sense of satisfaction, and that alone is happiness.
  2. Look for the good in any situation, be on guard for any negative situation.  In this way you're protected either ways
  3. When in doubt, always ask for help, don't shoulder everything at your tiny back
  4. Make your work not hard but easy, which means having the right skills, attitudes and knowledge to do your job well. Make sure you attend at least 4 hours of training every month, if not your knowledge will stagnate and your motivation level will go down too.  For tips on how to work hard without working hard, read this article
  5. Finally, realize that you cannot just focus on yourself to be happy.  Help others at work, and you'll derive greater happiness for your kind act will bring in many times returns in future. 
By Andy Ng of Asia Trainers, details of courses are here.  Related articles:

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