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8 Jun 2014

The Serious Learner Meets the Lousy Learner

Most people treat learning seriously, but the problem is that they learn too seriously and as a result learn nothing. 

Most people are very interested in learning the latest theories, concepts, discoveries and even success stories.  They listen well, take good notes and ask good questions.  Many even go further in reading and watching youtube videos related to the subject.  As a trainer and coach, I am happy for their learning enthusiasm.  But I find them to be lousy learners.  Why?

You see, learning is just the first step and is incomplete until you put the learning into action.  It is the application that makes the difference. Only when you apply will you be able to know if what you learnt makes sense.  Most importantly, every person's situation is different and you need to apply the learning differently and adapt to the situation.  You only can adapt when you apply.  You can't apply by doing case studies on paper, doing role plays and doing scenario discussions.  

Remember, only applied knowledge is real knowledge.  Knowing without applying is not knowing the real thing. 

So my friend, you need to apply the learning if you don't want to learn nothing. Happy applying!

By Andy Ng, Chief Trainer at Asia Trainers, details at  Related articles:
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