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25 Jun 2014

Increase Your Sales in 71 Costless Ways

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Are you selling very hard in this market? Is hitting targets becoming more stressful? Make no mistake: customers do not buy your products or services, in fact they do not even buy the benefits of what you sell. All customers want to gain from transacting with you and make more profits. Profit also include any savings in cost, time, labor and most importantly, save trouble. 

Whether you are selling to non-profit organizations, governments or profit-making private businesses, you need to make a difference to your market. Now you too can increase your sales costlessly with our 71 methods

Power-packed Contents Include:

  1. Why Most Salespeople Are Not Selling Well and What To Do About it
  2. Five Ways to Higher Sales Profits: Low-Cost Leads, Higher Sales Conversion, Higher Frequency, Higher Sale Value and Higher Margins
  3. Work-through of an example: how to increase profits by 76%
  4. Three-Ways to Low-Cost Leads: Attraction Selling, Guerilla-like Selling and Referrals
  5. Top 20 Ways to Increase Your Sales Conversion
  6. Using NLP to Turn Objections into YESES
  7. How to Increase Your Sales Frequency in 3 Ways: Loyalty strategies, Regular Contact and Something New 
  8. How to Sell at Higher Price and Get More Business
  9. How to Sell at Lower Price and Increase Average $ Sale
  10. Increasing Sales Margins with Collections, Sales Efficiency and Value Selling
  11. Sales Negotiation to Sell at Higher Profits
  12. How to Keep your sales team Highly Motivated with Zero Cost
  13. The Ultimate: Making Real Profit for Your Customers with Jeffrey Fox Dollarisation Method
Bonus: 354 Sales Profit Strategies, Sales Leading Questions demo and watching 3 Sales movies

1. Increase Your Sales AND Profits at the same time
2. Lower Your Selling Cost
3. Bring real profit to your customers
4. Build a Large Pool of Loyal Buyers
5. Proven methods that will last you ages

For Who to Attend:
* Sales Managers & Sales Directors
** Sales Executivs & Account Managers/Executives
*** Customer Service and Business Dev./Marketing People
**** Top Management and All Self-Employed people

Date: 13 August 2014 Wed. 9 am to 5 pm
Venue: The Plaza 02-301, 7500A Beach Road
Fee: $398 for one, $299 each for 2 & above, $199 each for 5 & above (no GST)

Only 7 seats left, so book your seats now by email to or text to 8201-4347 with your name, the no. of seats wanted and your email. We will issue you an official confirmation and invoice.  For list of our other courses, visit  Related articles:

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