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1 Jun 2014

Newest People Management Tactic: Transformational Leadership

In Bangkok Thailand Feb 2012 training 24 managers of a MNC
Successful managers use a very effective management tactic that wins people over easily. This tactic is actually a process that manages people without managing.  

This is because a good manager never managers anyone, he simply creates the conditions for people to manage themselves.  

Transformational Leadership (TL) is the latest buzzword in management.  This is how works:
  1. You find out what are the goals of people
  2. You share with them the goals of your organization
  3. You link how achieving the organization's goals will achieve their individual's goals
  4. You show them the step-by-step pathways to achieving the 2 goals, plus you offer assistance and coaching.  
You see, when you do the above, you are not telling people that they must achieve your organization's goals.  You're helping your people to achieve their own goals.  Asking questions helps you to find out what are their real needs.  You will be seen as a caring manager

But you cannot just ask a few questions and expect them to tell you. You need to ask the RIGHT Questions in the RIGHT ORDER. We call this Coaching. 

Other than that, you also need to use questions to overcome their objections.  Common objections include it's too difficult, we don't have the resources to achieve the goals, we're not ready and how can we achieve something we have never done before?  

It is said that the real job of a manager lies in overcoming staff objections.  For if he cannot overcome objections, the objections will overwhelm him and soon he will have no one to manage.

This new course People Management Strategies shows you how to use advanced management techniques including Transformational Leadership to sell your goals to your people based on value to your people. It will increase your management effectiveness.  Over 121 slides will be shared, and the trainer will also give you guidance after the course free-of-charge.

Whether you are managing a big team or small team, if you too want to be a more effective manager, this is just one management course that you have to attend. Date: 6 June 2014 Friday 9 am to 12.30 pm. Fee is at $298 a person or $199 each for 2 & above or $149 each for 5 & above.  Limited seats, click here for registration or call 6225-1784 now.  Related articles:

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