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5 Jun 2014

The 9 Things that Sales Training Must Cover

Sales training in Singapore and the region: people have asked me what topics must a good sales program cover?   To me, there are at least 9 things that all sales training must cover:
  1. How to Look for New Customers without spending on expensive advertising
  2. Getting repeat business from customers
  3. Increasing the average spending of customers
  4. Converting all sales objections into buying reasons
  5. How to Sell the Impossible so as to sell ice to the Eskimos
  6. How to Present your product and service so that your product features make sense for the buyer
  7. Getting past gate keepers and reaching decision makers effortlessly
  8. Service from the heart and how to go the extra mile to serve customers
  9. Asking questions so as to elicit information from buyers and lead them to a sale
On top of that, sales training must also cover the 3 soft skills:
  1. How to set your own sales targets and motivate yourself to work towards your goals
  2. Persuasion, Influence and Negotiation skills
  3. Reading a person like a book.
Whether you're selling products or services, working for a company or for yourself, managing salespeople or managing sales, if you too want to out-sell your competition and exceed your sales targets for 2014 and beyond, now is the time.  Get an experienced sales trainer to come down to your office to conduct an in-house training with 60% 'discount' (PIC 60% funding).  Click here for details. Related articles:

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