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11 Jun 2014

Newest Way to Sell: Sell without Selling in 7 Ways

Customers are getting sick and tired of being bombarded with marketing and selling messages.  Many of them are crying, "Leave me alone".  It seems that the usual way of aggressive and persuasive selling does not work anymore.

Indeed Sell Without Selling is the new way to sell.  There are 7 ways to do so easily:
  1. Provide a checklist that helps them to go through what are the necessary and good-to-have things
  2. Serve them really well, and go all the way to serve even when they don't buy.  Seven out of ten people will feel guilty and end up buying if you serve them with all your heart with no intention of closing the sale!
  3. Let your clients do the talking: show them testimonials and past track records and let them decide if they too want to enjoy what others are having
  4. Educate your customers on the right way to do things, hint but never mention buying from you is the right choice
  5. Let them taste early success, like giving them a free trial with totally no obligation to buy
  6. Solve your customer's most immediate problem by offering them alternative solutions or alternative ways to look at the problem.  
  7. Give them Good Feelings and Love, for people like to buy from people that love them. For the top 10 ways to give love professionally, read here
Andy Ng wrote this article in 7 minutes, but his courses at AsiaTrainers will benefit you more than 7 years.  Related articles:

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