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3 Feb 2015

10 Ways to Reduce Staff Cost Without Cutting Staff Pay

There are at least 10 ways where employees and employers can work together to reduce staff cost without cutting staff pay:
  1. Work with your hearts, and you'll it not hard to work hard . When you work hard, hard results will arise.  Staff cost will drop naturally.  Find out the various ways to work hard at here
  2. Focused, never get distracted when at work.  Work like the Germans with clock-like precision
  3. Have Better Team work, and productivity will rise naturally
  4. Resolve Conflicts better, and output will rise fast
  5. Reduce mis-communication and we can do more with less time
  6. Upgrade your skills weekly. Every week, invest at least 3 hours to learn something new.  Come for short, effective trainings like these
  7. Take ownership of your work.  Never blame, give excuses or worse still, deny your mistakes
  8. Profit sharing, not overtime pay, and you'll find that people will go all the way to increase the company's profits. 
  9. Reduce Overtime. Studies show that overtime increase staff cost more as the incremental output is lower than the incremental staff remuneration.  Give staff incentives like profit sharing instead
  10. Lesser management.  Make people self-managed and self-lead and results will leap by bounds. When you set the targets that people can relate to, people will automatically work towards those targets as long as the rewards are attractive.  Management is just about setting the boundaries and providing resolution when conflict arises. 
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