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23 Feb 2015

You Don't Need the Chinese New Year to Do These 7 Things

Happy Lunar New Year. In our previous blog, we said that you don't need permission to do what is right, like upgrading your skills (courses at here),

In this new year, strive to do well in these 7 things:
  1.  No more reactive: be pro-active to ask for the sale, ask for more work, ask for better treatment, ask for upgrading etc 
  2. Avert less and Turn all your dislikes into likes.  Get used to things and stop complaining about how you dislike the way things are today compared to yesterday.  No more yesterday, only today and tomorrow matter.
  3. Team Achievement, not just Individual Achievement.  Studies show that the more the team achieves, the easier will be the individual's job
  4. Take care of people's hearts and people will work hard for you.  Don't use command, control and coercion. Instead inspire, influence and motivate people.
  5. Be tough and dare to do things that people dislike. Like follow-up your prospects and do service quality audit.
  6. Lead yourself and don't wait for someone to lead you.  You need to lead the market, your prospects and your customers. 
  7. Most importantly, go for more.  Never join in any recession, instead do double or triple what you normally do. Do Limitless Selling. 
By Andy Ng, Chief Trainer at Asia Trainers, details of courses at here. Related articles:
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